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Villes de la Province de Chensi: Si-ngan-Fu Capitale/Tchouang Lan ou Chwang lan (plate 1); Lan-tcheou ou Lan-chew/Can tcheou ou Kan-chew/ Tchin-Ywen-Fou ou Chin-Ywen-Fu Dans la Province de Koci-Tcheou (plate 2)

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Two fascinating plates featuring cities in what are now China's Shaanxi (Chensi), Gansu, and Guizhou Provinces, from Prevost d'Exiles' influential collection of travel narratives, Histoire Generale des Voyages. Most of the first plate is devoted to the Shaanxi provincial capital of Xian with the "quarter of the Tartars who garrison the city" identified. Adjacent to the Xian plan is a small plan of Zhuanglang (Tchouang Lan), seat of the county of the same name in what is now eastern Gansu Province. The second plate features three cities: Lanzhou (Lan-tcheou), now the capital of Gansu Province, but formerly the "residence of the second viceroy of Chensi"; Zhangye (Can Tcheou) in central Gansu; and Guiyang (Tchin-Ywen-Fou), now the capital of Guizhou Province in southwest China.
Item Number: RS2917
Cartographer: Bellin/van der Schley/Prevost d'Exile
Place & Date: Paris/The Hague / 1755
Size: 10 3/4" x 8 1/8" (each image)
Condition: b&w; overall age toning; a few spots in the wide margins; margins extended to accommodate volume width
Price: SOLD