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Eroberung der Statt S. Augustin in America gelegen

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Plate IX from the German edition of Part VIII of de Bry's monumental Grands Voyages chronicling the futile search for the mythical treasure city of El Dorado; the expeditions of Drake, Cavendish, and Raleigh; and Drake's famous 1588 sieges of Santiago (Cape Verde), Santo Domingo, Cartagena, and St. Augustine in Florida. Based like the other siege plates on Baptista Boazio's manuscript, plate IX shows in vivid detail Drake's attack on Spanish St. Augustine, the oldest European city on the North American mainland.
Item Number: RS2645
Cartographer: Theodor de Bry
Place & Date: Frankfurt / 1599
Size: 9" x 13 1/4" (overall sheet)
Condition: b&w as published; overall browning
Price: SOLD