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Complete set of 22 plates from Part I of de Bry's Grands Voyages chronicling the earliest English attempts to establish a colony in Virginia, plus the introductory Adam and Eve plate

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The complete set of 22 plates from the first (Latin) edition of Part I of de Bry's landmark Grands Voyages (Admiranda Narratio Fida Tamen, de Commodis et Incolarum Ritibus Virginiae . . . Anglico Scripta Sermone a Thoma Hariot) chronicling the early English attempts to establish the Roanoke colony in what is now North Carolina in the 1580s, plus the introductory plate depicting the fall of Adam and Eve. The plates are based on John White's famous illustrations of the English expeditions and of the customs of the Virginia natives: [1. Virginia map—not included]; 2. The English arrive in Virginia; 3. A Weroans, or Chieftain, of Virginia; 4. One of the Chief Ladies of Secota; 5. A Secota Priest; 6. A Young Gentlewoman of Secota; 7. A Chief of Roanoke; 8 A Noblewoman of Pomeiock; 9. An Old Man in Winter Garb; 10. How the Chief Ladies of Dasamonquepeio Carry their Children; 11. The Sorcerer; 12. How They Build Boats in Virginia; 13. How They Catch Fish; 14. How They Cook their Fish; 15. How They Boil Meal in Earthenware Pots; 16. How They Eat; 17. Praying Around the Fire with Rattles; 18. The Dances at their Great Feasts; 19. The Town of Pomeiock; 20. The Town of Secota; 21. The Idol Kewas; 22. The Tomb of the Weroans; 23. The Marks of the Chief Men of Virginia.
Item Number: GG2618
Cartographer: Theodor de Bry/Thomas Hariot
Place & Date: Frankfurt / 1590
Size: 9" x 13 3/4" (each sheet)
Condition: b&w as published; overall age toning; some fraying along edges of margins; plate titles lightly handwritten in Spanish in margins
Price: SOLD