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Complete set of 42 plates from Part II of de Bry's Grands Voyages chronicling French colonial attempts in southeastern Florida in the 1560s

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The complete set of 42 plates from the first (Latin) edition of Part II of de Bry's landmark Grands Voyages (Brevis Narratio Eorum quae in Florida Americae provincia Gallis acciderunt) chronicling the French colonial attempts in Florida in the 1560s. The plates are based on Le Moyne's famous drawings of the French expeditions and of the customs of Florida natives: 1. The arrival of the French in Florida in 1562; 2. The French discover the River of May (St. Johns); 3. The French discover two other rivers; 4. They discover six more rivers; 5. The French reach Port Royal; 6. The French erect a column with the royal coat of arms; 7. Those left behind run short of food; 8. The Indians worship the column erected by the French; 9. A site for the fort is chosen; 10. Fort Caroline; 11. Satouriona prepares for battle; 12. Consulting a sorcerer; 13. Outina marches to war; 14. The Indian chief marches to war; 15. How the Indians treated the corpses of their enemy; 16. Indian victory ceremonies; 17. The duties of the hermaphrodites; 18. How the widows petition their chief; 19. How the widows lament at the burial grounds; 20. How the Indians treat their sick; 21. How the Indians till the soil; 22. Collecting crops for the communal storehouse; 23. Collecting game for the communal storehouse; 24. How the Indians preserved game; 25. How the Indians hunt deer; 26. Killing alligators; 27. A family goes for a picnic; 28. Preparing for a feast; 29. An Indian council meeting; 30. A fortified Indian village; 31. Setting fire to the enemy’s village; 32. How a sentry was treated for negligence; 33. How the Indians declare war; 34. The sacrifice of the first-born son; 35. A harvest offering; 36. How the youths took their exercise; 37. A bride is carried to the chief; 38. The chief receives his bride; 39. The chief and his wife go for a stroll; 40. How the chief is buried; 41. How the Indians collect gold from the streams; 42. The murder of a Frenchman
Item Number: GG2617
Cartographer: Theodor de Bry
Place & Date: Frankfurt / 1591
Size: 9" x 13 5/8" (each sheet)
Condition: b&w as published; overall age toning
Price: SOLD