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Marina und Andere Frauenspersonen, die dem Cortes gegeben worden

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A beautifully rendered and engraved image of the crucial first encounter between the Nahua woman Marina ("la Malinche") and the Spanish conqueror Cortes, from the German edition of Prévost d'Exile's Histoire Générale des Voyages. Marina went on to play an important role in the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Her son with Cortes is considered to be one of the first of Mexico's Mestizos (people of mixed Spanish/indigenous ancestry).
Item Number: rs1794
Cartographer: Charles-Nicolas Cochin / Christian Fritzsch
Place & Date: Leipzig / 1754
Size: 10 3/4" x 7 1/2"
Condition: b&w; light overall age toning and some minor spotting, mostly in the margins
Price: SOLD