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Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississipi Dressee sur un Grand Nombre de Memoires entr'autres sur ceux de Mr. le Maire par Guillme. de l'Isle de l'Academie Rle. des Sciences

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J.F. Bernard's reissue at a reduced scale of de l'Isle's landmark 1718 map of the Mississippi basin from the Great Lakes to the Rio Grande. The map is rich in details of Indian tribes and show many early southern roads discoverer's routes, among the latter are the “Routes of [Louis] de St. Denis in 1713 and 1716,” the wanderings of [Hernando] “de Soto in 1539 and 1540” (as well as the track of his successor, one “Mocoso,” in 1542), the “Route of [Henri] de Tonty in 1702,” and the routes of “Cavelier in 1687” and Bienville (no date given).
Item Number: gg1468
Cartographer: de l'Isle
Place & Date: Paris / 1734
Size: 16" x 14"
Condition: right margin trimmed close; tear in lower right corner repaired
Price: SOLD