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Occidentalis Americae Partis, vel, Earum Regionum quas Christophorus Columbus Primu Detexit Tabula Chorographicae Multorum Auctorum Scriptis, Praesertim Vero ex Hieronymi Benzoni ... Theodoro de Bry Leod. Anno M D XCIIII

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One of the most beautiful Age of Discovery maps of any part of the world, de Bry's highly decorative and magnificently engraved map of the West Indies, Florida and northern South America was produced to accompany the fourth part of his landmark compilation of travel and discovery narratives, Grands Voyages (see item B2698). Based on the accounts of Milanese explorer Girolamo Benzoni, contained in part four of the Grands Voyages, the West Indies map includes many place names and topographical details and is illustrated with sea creatures and representations of Columbus' vessels (with notes on his discoveries), as well as a compass rose, a coat of arms and a splendidly baroque title cartouche.
Item Number: KK2697
Cartographer: de Bry
Place & Date: Frankfurt / 1594/1613
Size: 17 1/4" x 13"
Condition: b&w as published; ample margins; splits and weaknesses along along folds and tears in margins expertly repaired and backed; some loss west of the Bahamas and through cartouche
Price: SOLD