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The Coast of Yucatan from Campeche to Bahia de Ascension and the West End of Cuba.

Although more a map of the Yucatan than of Cuba, this is a superb continuation of the Jefferys' magnificent Cuba map, showing the western tip of the island that does not appear on Jefferys' accompanying island map (G374). Here, another flotilla sails toward Havana on the course from Cartagena, while individual ships ply the Mexican waters between Cape Catoche and Campeche. This is the original Jefferys edition of 1775.
Item Number: G374a
Cartographer: Jefferys
Place & Date: London / 1775
Size: 24 1/2" x 18 1/2"
Condition: some wormholes (repaired) in upper margins; some splitting (also repaired) in lower part of fold.
Price: $875.00