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1) Cours de la Riviere de Senegal Depuis son Embouchure Jusqu'au Desert Avec toutes les Branches et Isles quelle forme dans cet espace 2) Cours de la Riviere de Senegal Depuis le Desert Jusqu'a l'Ile de Morfil

Two highly detailed maps of the course of the Senegal River, which forms the border between present-day Senegal and Mauritania, on the same composite page from the atlas volume of Prévost d'Exiles' influential collection of travel narratives, Histoire Générale des Voyages. The map on the left traces the river from its Atlantic coast delta (and the island and French fort of St Louis) to the post of Le Desert; the map on the right continues the course of the river from Le Desert to Morfil Island in north central Senegal. The region was an important center for African trade, especially the slave trade, and both maps locate many French trading posts along the Senegal River.
Item Number: G2959
Cartographer: Bellin/Prevost d'Exiles
Place & Date: Paris / 1755
Size: 1) 5 3/4" x 7 7/8; 2) 8 3/8" x 5 1/2"
Condition: b&w; light overall age toning, minor spotting; folded at right to fit volume
Price: $65.00