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1. Vue des Comptoirs Europeens de Xavier ou Sabi tiree de Des Marchais 2. Plan du Fort Anglois de Dickscove Situe a la Coste de Guinee

A composite page from the atlas volume of Prévost d'Exiles' influential collection of travel narratives, Histoire Générale des Voyages, with, on the left, a view of European comptoirs, or factories, which functioned as slave-trading posts, in Xavier, or Sabi (Savi), capital of the Kingdom of Whydah in present day Benin. On the right is a plan of the British fort at Dickscove (Dixcove), "located on the Guinea coast," now Fort Metal Cross in coastal South Ghana.
Item Number: G2953
Cartographer: Bellin/Prevost d'Exiles
Place & Date: Paris / 1755
Size: 1) 6 7/8" x 5 1/4; 2. 5 3/4" x 8 1/8"
Condition: b&w; light overall age toning, minor spotting
Price: $65.00