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(1) Carte des Bras du Jenisei aux Environs de Mangrasea (2) Plan de la Grotte de Kungur

Bellin's superbly detailed map of the distributaries of the Yenisei River near the northwest Siberian trans-Ural trading town of Mangazeyka, Russia, paired with a plan of the famous Kungur Ice Cave in the Perm region of European Russia, on a single page from Prevost d'Exiles' influential collection of travel narratives, Histoire Generale des Voyages. In its 17th-century heyday, Mangazeyka was known as the wealthy and isolated "Baghdad of Siberia." First explored in 1703, the Ice Cave has been a popular attraction for nearly a century.
Item Number: G2914
Cartographer: Bellin/Prevost d'Exile
Place & Date: Paris/The Hague / 1755
Size: (1) 6" x 8 1/2"; (2) 6 5/8" x 4 1/2"
Condition: b&w; overall age toning; some spotting; margins extended to accommodate volume dimensions
Price: $50.00