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Plantes de Drogueries. Fig. 1. Le Storax. Fig. 2. Le Lentisque. Plantes Medicinales. Fig. 1. Le Bois de Couleuvre. Fig. 2. Le Sebestier.

Two beautifully designed and colored botanical plates from Bertuch's late 18th-century children's encyclopedic picture book, Bilderbuch für Kinder enthaltend eine angenehme Sammlung von Thieren, Pflanzen, Blumen, Früchten, Mineralien, Trachten. The first plate (no. 49) features images of the American Sweetgum, or Storax (Fig. 1), native to Mexico and Central America, and of the lentisk, or mastic, shrub (Fig. 2), native to Greece. The second plate (no. 66) features images of the snake wood shrub (Fig. 1), native to Southeast Asia and Oceania, and of the tropical cordia sebestiana plant (Fig. 2), native to the East and West Indies. Descriptive text pages in French and German accompany each plate.
Item Number: FF2928
Cartographer: Friedrich Justin Bertuch
Place & Date: Weimar / 1798
Size: 6 3/4 " x 8 3/4" (each image)
Condition: wash color; light overall age toning and minor spotting/staining
Price: $100