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The five highly detailed double-page Oceania maps from Stieler's Hand Atlas, bound in a cardboard notebook-style binding with several sheets of contemporaneous hand-written notes in French. The maps are: "West-Australien/New-Seeland (New Zealand)" (with insets of Tasmania and the Isthmus of Auckland); "Australien" (with an inset of Sydney and Port Jackson); "Sud-Ost Ausstralien"; "West Polynesien" (with insets of Witi Lewu and Tongatabu; "Ost Polynesien" (with four insets of Hawaian volcanoes, Floriana, Honolulu, and Tahiti).
Item Number: B035
Cartographer: Stieler / J. Perthes
Place & Date: Gotha / 1865
Size: 16" x 13 1/8" (each map)
Condition: some waterstaining and foxing throughout, least evident in the New Zealand, Australia, and West Polynesia maps, most evident in the southeast Australia map
Price: SOLD