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West-Indien und Central-Amerika.

The Berghaus map of the West Indies and Central America for Steiler's Hand-Atlas Über Alle Theile der Erde is beautifully engraved and highly detailed and accurate (except for the labeling of the Dominican Republic as "Dominica"). Delicately colored in outline, the map features a color key to the European colonial powers in the region, a key to city sizes, cross-sections of the three isthmuses in which an Atlantic-Pacific canal would be feasible (Panama, Tehuantepec in Mexico, and Nicaragua) and detailed inset maps of two of them: Panama and Nicaragua.
Item Number: 111
Cartographer: Hermann Berghaus
Place & Date: Gotha / 1876
Size: 16 1/2" x 12 1/4"
Price: $165.00