Bienvenidos a FairWinds Antique Maps, especialistas en mapas antiquos del Caribe, las Americas y Tierra Santa.
Welcome to FairWinds Antique Maps, an Internet gallery specializing
in antique maps of the West Indies, the Americas, the Mediterranean, the Holy Land, China, and the East Indies.

Based in New York and Santo Domingo, the company was founded in 1999
by Ralph Magnus and Joseph Gonzalez, both long-time collectors of antique
maps of the West Indies and Hispaniola.



The FairWinds website is updated regularly, so please visit us often. If you are looking for a particular item or would like
to start or add to a collection of antique maps of a particular area, please contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail. (We also see clients
by appointment in our Manhattan office.)

As collectors ourselves, we especially enjoy searching for maps and helping fellow collectors indulge their passion for antique maps!

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Sellers of Fine Antique Maps of the Americas, the West Indies, Mediterranean Islands, the Holy Land, China & Southeast Asia.
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